The reference machine in the compact class

CONTURA, ZEISS comprehensive platform for ensuring flexible, reliable and rigorous quality. The latest generation is more accurate and provides a comprehensive package of optical sensors and a greater range of measurement. Excellent scanning technology, software ZEISS CALYPSO reference and general well-designed concept allow ZEISS CONTURA consolidate its position as the standard in its class.

Variants sensors

ZEISS CONTURA is equipped with a fixed passive sensor, Flexible articulated head RDS or active scanning probe. All variants of sensors offer scanning capabilities. ZEISS technology navigator comes standard on the active version in order to allow a fluid measurements without arrests.

Robust and accurate

Depending on the configuration, ZEISS CONTURA ceramic or CARAT guides are used to provide high stiffness, low thermal expansion and low mobile pesos. Tires bearings located in all three axes ensure constant stability, even at high travel speeds and during acceleration. Floating hob rules ZEISS CONTURA just expand, so do not require additional temperature sensors or mathematical compensation. They are suitable for the production line and are protected from pollution and other influences.

Computer-Aided Accuracy (CAA)

Especially during scanning, the bridge is exposed to the effect of dynamic forces that can damage their accuracy. ZEISS CONTURA calculates the compensation for such inertial effects. Thus, the required accuracy remains intact even at high speed measurement.

Comfortable handling

The system is operated via a control panel easy to use and requires no computer. The progressive joystick enables easier and more accurate of all axis movements control. In CNC mode, the speed can be adjusted.

  • HTG (High Temperature Gradient) for a wider range of temperature (18-26 ° C) with the same precision. It includes temperature sensors for the workpiece and measuring machine. Available for x = 700 / 1,000 mm
  • Integrated exchanger for maximum reproducibility without recalibration
  • QuickChange quick change of sensor heads for assets
  • ZEISS AirSaver to reduce compressed air consumption by up to 60%
Variants sensors


Direkt model sensor is ideal for measuring small parts with geometries without inclined perpendicular elements. Equipped with ZEISS VAST XXT scanning sensor, ZEISS CONTURA direkt offers a particularly affordable to enter the world of ZEISS scanning technology for the production and inspection of the progress of individual processing stages means. The sensor XDT alternative point after point can be equipped with ZEISS VAST XXT if necessary. ZEISS CONTURA direkt is available up to size 10/16/6.


Combined with ZEISS VAST XXT sensor, the RDS allows flexible angled head scanning elements at all angular positions. With a total of 20,736 positions in increments of 2.5 °, RDS can reach virtually any spatial angle. This is especially useful when measuring complex parts for normally be used probes specific settings. Calibration times are minimized thanks to the optimized calibration routines. RDS also allows the use of optical sensors in ZEISS ZEISS Contura.


ZEISS CONTURA aktiv is equipped as standard with navigator technology for rapid scanning on a smooth ride. It can be used with heads VAST XT gold active scanning or ZEISS VAST XT gold and is particularly suitable for measuring and displaced deeper elements. The two sensors use the same receptacle. Existing measurement programs can be used after appropriate conversion. The quick-change system QuickChange probe is also optional.

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