Victor has now expanded its already extensive line of machine tools with the introduction of the new Vcenter-AX800 vertical machine center. Taking flexibility to a new level, the new

AX800 incorporates a B-axis swivel head and a rotary table C-axis (diameter 800mm) to provide full 5-axis machining of large parts of up to 1 meter in diameter.

Stiffly and integrated into all aspects of the new VCenter precession – AX800, offering 5-axis has a table of the C axis is subject to a high torque (3433Nm) for heavy cutting, while the swivel head axis B includes one Hirth coupling 1 further enhancing stiffness.

Incorporating a turntable which is built next to the fixed table, this innovative Vcenter – AX800 is equipped with a rotating head column traveling to implement the 5-axis machining of large parts. Furthermore, a mechanism Rollercam – Drive® for both rotary axes, the AX800 ensures sufficient rigidity for heavy machining with high turnover compared to conventional machines less robust helical gear mechanism.

The new robust machine has a conical shaft BBT40 which is powered by a 40 tool ATC has a double articulated arm ATC. These configuration tools makes changes fast and reliable beyond most machine tools and tool magazine 60 tool is available as an accessory.

The axis B of the new AX800 has a 15000rpm axis develops an output of 22 kW to perform heavy machining processes that optimize material removal rates. To support heavy machining, the AX800 has large diameter ball screws together with the actuator to maximize rigidity and performance levels. What’s more, the AX800 has a roller gear mechanism that minimizes backlash and ensures high accuracy at an arbitrary angle.

In terms of flexibility, the new AX800 offers a range of options including hydraulic ports 8 + 1 / tires to direct energy through C- axis and pallets for holding multiple detection points and air sealing to ensure securing quality. In addition, the VCenter offers the option of a chip conveyor, through internal coolant, linear scales / angular encoders, automatic length measurement tool, measurement of auto parts and also a selection of control units including Fanuc 0i, 32i and 31i or TNC620 control Heidenhain 640 control units