Watch and learn all about the geometry inserts – Kennametal Drive BEYOND MR.

Perfect combination of cutting BEYOND DRIVE (-MR).

Inserts designed for a smooth cutting action and increased wear resistance in turning applications. Faster cycle time and longer service life of the tool. Use these inserts in a wide range of workpiece materials. They are ideal for machining stainless steels.

What is Beyond Drive?

Beyond unity it is our platform of solid carbide inserts have a special outer layer. This layer of bronze makes it easier to view the edge wear, to know when it is time to change the insert. And because these inserts are designed to last, that means longer operating times and better performance before the insert has to be changed. The -MR geometry is only one of the alternatives Beyond DRIVE platform.

For more information on the geometries of these inserts you can visit the website:

Why these inserts are different?

Beyond -mr inserts are designed differently. The geometry stage chip was designed in a continuous curve, which reduces the alternating stress. Because of the step surface always has a curved chip, the chips are uniform.

Why you will like these inserts?
  • High positive rake angle works with smooth cutting edge to reduce cutting forces and prolong the life of the tool.
  • Body extremely stable, even in high-depth cutting insert.
  • Design lubrication channels which flood directly to the cutting edge for better control of heat.
  • Available in six grades for a wide range of applications in turning steels, stainless steels and cast irons.
  • Designed for all applications and medium roughing roughing on workpieces in all material parts, especially in stainless steels.
  • Unique, patented chip breaker type rake profile without inflection points.
  • Positive rake angle.
  • Breaker stable.
  • Protection on their edges.
  • Soft flow of chips.
  • Avoid stress concetration.
  • Solid stability against breakage.
  • Smooth cut.
  • Improves the depth of cut and greater resistance.
  • Improved chip breaking means to advance speeds.
  • Reduces the risks of contact chip with the cutting edge.
  • It prevents breakage during the cutting depth, providing a smooth cut.
  • Excellent machining in unstable conditions.
  • Improves the tool life, reduced cutting forces.
  • Excellent chip breaking.
Where to use the inserts -MR?

Turning Stainless Steel

Examples: Parts of bearings, mechanical seals, valves, flanges, spacers, rings, etc.

Turning Cast Iron

Examples: Brake drums and rotors, caps, camshafts, crankshafts, cylinder liners, controls, engine components, suspension, pulleys, rings and valve bodies, etc.


Examples: Shafts, bearings, camshafts, connecting rods, cams, valves, wheels, CV joints, etc.