Since its beginnings, HERTEC has had a main objective: the pursuit of excellence. This objective has been achieved with great effort, thanks to the competence of the team of collaborators and have always present in our Quality Management, always considering the respect and constant pursuit of customer satisfaction. The effort of all has prompted the company to important positions today and certainly HERTEC occupies a place of distinction and reference in the segment in which it operates HERTEC is committed to supporting all customer requests and keeping in mind our quality and service, as well as the continuous improvement of the system of technical solutions and support.

Supplying Machine Tools, Cutting Tools, Accessories, Spare Parts and Technical Service, with the aim of customer satisfaction and based on partnership with its suppliers and constant development of the network of collaborators policy is HERTEC for their actions.

To make real this purpose, HERTEC focuses its efforts and ensure sufficient resources to:

  • Strengthen cooperation with it suppliers.
  • Improve the training of its employees.
  • Give attention and special treatment to any claim occurring.