Upgrade your processes with KR 180 R2500 Extra F (QUANTEC extra) KUKA.

This time brings robotics KUKA KR 180 R2500 Extra F a robotic arm with maximum versatility and flexibility with minimum investment. Slimmer. More compact. More robust. Thanks to the reduction of the moving mass, these extra-rounders of the KR QUANTEC series set the standard in precision, performance, energy efficiency and availability. Extra KR 180 R2500 model has been optimized to operate in tight spaces and has numerous mounting options in the range of loads up to 180 kg and reaches of up to 2,500 mm.

Load Capacity 180 kg
Aditional Load 50 kg
Working Area
Max. extension 2496 mm
Number of axis 6
Repetibility ±0,06 mm
Weight 1059 kg
Mounting positions Suelo, techo
Control Unit KR C4
Protection class IP 65
Suitable for application in this field
Handling and loading / unloading Packaging and order picking Other handling operations
Welding Arc welding Soldadura por puntos
Laser welding Other welding Welding
Casting machines and metal casting plants Application of adhesives and sealants Other coating
Indicted Laser cutting Water jet cutting
Mechanical processing Other processes Assembly
Fixation Plastics processing machines Load, feed
Other types of assembly, disassembly Service Applications Other applications
Forging plants Forming machine tools Cutting machine tools
Handling for other machines Measuring, testing and control Palletizing

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