This machines has been designed for high speed machining in steel, aluminum and none ferrous materials. The design us a rigid structure, direct drive spindle at 12.000 rev/min, linear guides with high acceleration at 0.75 G, and rapid feeds at 48 m/min, offering unmatched performance.

To upgrade the technology in these machines it can also be equipped with a rotary table with 1 or 2 controllers. With this you can machine screws, shafts, propellers, turbine blades.

Travels on X / Y / Z: 720/480/710; 850/600/560: 1100/600/560; 1300/780/700 mm

Spindle speed: 12.000rpm (option 15.000 rpm)

Spindle Motor: 7.5/11 kW (option 15/18.5 kW)

ATC Capacity: 24 (option 40)

CNC Fanuc 0i-MD (Heidenhain iTNC 530)

Vcenter-A series, it is characterized by high productivity. High speed machining, high performance to meet even the most complex requirements of the production program. All the series has a speed of 12.000 rpm, linear guide ways and rapid feed rates. In production, this VMC´s use high technology for demanding activities. With a strong spindle its capable to support high cutting forces and processing data.